Apartment in Berlin-Wilmersdorf



H°185 is located in Wilmersdorf , which belongs to the Charlottenburg district. The project is an alteration of an archetypal Berlin apartment situated in an historic building and unequivocally showcases CARLO’s sensibility for and proficiency of design. It’s the property and secondary home of a young, entrepreneurial couple of Iranian origin.

The entry serves as a pathway directly to the center of the home. The capacious area accommodates a modern, open-plan kitchen along with an unattached counter, permitting access from every side. The lustrous marble floor and the brilliant working surfaces are reflecting the incoming light, and together with a sophisticated color palette, it visually expands the space. The ancient Persian predilection for light as a source of energy and beauty is one of the defining elements of Iranian architecture, and this ethos articulates the underlying guiding principle of this interior design.

A newly conceptualized layout provides all main areas, such as the living space, dining room and the adjoining master bedroom a vast window front, supplying the residents with lavish daylight. A leaf-like vintage window in the partition wall of the retrofitted master bathroom brightens every corner of the new home.

The thoughtfully curated collection of luxurious „Ralph Lauren“ & „FENDI Casa“ furnishings in vivid hues and noble fabrics, placed on top of the reconditioned herringbone parquet, are adorned with oriental lighting fixtures to create an impactful blend of old-world elegance, new world opulence and meaningful provenance.

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