Brasserie Le Paris



K°211, commonly known as Brasserie Le Paris, belongs to the French ensemble, who also shelters the Cinema Paris and the Institute Français at Berlin Kurfürstendamm. They are all located in the „Maison de France“ and are more or less an integral part of the French initiative for intellectual exchange and political understanding since 1950.

To create an astute interpretation connected with tradition, CARLO travelled to Northern France to see, hear and feel what an authentic brasserie is all about. The new design aesthetic became a remarkably chic mélange of uniquely French folklore and Parisian elegance.

Both, the ZAHNA porcelain stoneware tiles and the custom crafted countertops are designed and manufactured based on historical ideals. The distinct and dark colors, in harmony with the antique yet timeless floor patterns, evoke this particular sense of an old French brasserie from the 19th century. Bold colors, such as of bordeaux, petrol and aubergine are cohesively combined with lush, velvety fabrics and adorned with stylish brass fixtures. Many exceptional and delicate layers create a subtle, seductive, sophisticated atmosphere throughout the dining areas.

Enriched with bespoke lighting by „Marie Martin“, the new appearance genuinely cherishes the core values that comprise the interior of a traditional brasserie and celebrates an essential part of Parisian food culture in Berlin’s city centre.

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