Bar Rosa



S°2 is situated in Berlin Kreuzberg right next to Görlitzer Park, which is one of Berlin’s hot spots for bars, clubs and restaurants. The project is an reimagined realization of a former subterranean space, turned into an oriental yet futuristic cocktail lounge. Its eclectic style is inspired by the clients´ origin. The congruent combination with elliptical shapes and curves is a revelation of their fictional notion operating a hospitality business in a subsequent reality.

A serene ambience provides various opportunities to linger and laugh. Subdivided into different areas the visitors can choose to either enjoy their privacy in one of the adjacent alcoves accessible through circular openings within the wall or to mix and mingle with other guests in the spacious lounge.

The well thought out lighting concept draws the visitor’s attention directly to the bar. Its sleek counter top is an integral part of a dry wall construction which sets apart a warm working area. Its elongated elliptical shape repeats itself as arches in rhythmical succession throughout the guest rooms and creates a sense of intimacy for unexpected social interaction. Little details, like hand blown wall crystals bounce off the light in a lively manner. The combination of metal string curtains and richly ornamented tapestry adds an extra layer of playful elegance.

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