Apartment at Kollwitzplatz



S°35 is located at Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg, which is one of the most vibrant and alluring neighborhoods in Berlin. Its design is a celebration of the owner’s love for French vintage furnishings, delicate color schemes and exceptional passion for music.

A generous floor plan is the combination of two formerly disparate apartments. The newly fitted kitchen serves as a junction and is the culinary heart of this home. Its two enlarged openings in juxtaposition create a long spatial alignment. An expansive open character results in an unobstructed view from the living room through the kitchen into the dining area. It allows the different color palettes of each room to be seen simultaneously, while the overall view remains harmonic, reminding the beholder of the Goethe House.

The bright and whimsical color palettes complement one another with the white floor and ceiling emphasizing a fresh spirit and happy mood throughout the whole apartment. In combination with the carefully curated vintage art and historical furniture gathered and collected in various antique shops in the south of France, the design reflects the clients self-confidence and conscious decision to embrace the beauty of life.

Fotos: Frank Hülsbömer

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