Apartment by Schinkel’s St. Paul church



B°50 is the a fusion of two formerly single apartments, favouring a hospitable open plan in a historical building next to St. Paul church designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. As Germany’s most prominent and influential architect from the early 19th century, he played a fundamental role and had a great impact on the classicism of Prussia. His work still shapes the cityscape of central Berlin and is the inspiration of this project.

A meticulous minimalistic aesthetic and a purposefully curated muted color palette of each room are inspired by the classicistic Château Charlottenhof, also created by K. F. Schinkel. A marvelous green, enriched with a nuance of sage, evokes a soothing sense of harmonic convergence. A pink, refined with yellow pigments, manifests a place of peace and radiates joy and comfort. Additionally, teal, with understated elegance, encourages a calm and reflected mood. The numerous layers are polished off with woven textures, grounding neutrals, gentle lines and bespoke upholstery realize a home that is contemporary without being intimidating.

The self-confident design concept is crowned by Chinese art and furniture, all selected and curated in collaboration with ANAHITA, a well established art gallery, which aims to deepen the European fascination with Asian culture. Well-known as chinoiserie, it corresponds perfectly with classicism and pictures CARLO’s intelligent understandingand appreciation of historical connections and interrelations.

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