S°19 is the name for a showroom renovation of a Berlin- based interior decorator, who previously contracted CARLO for the redesign of his administrative office. In Germany, interior decorators are generally trained craftsmen. This client is essentially working with a multitude of fabrics for wall coverings, custom- manufactured upholstery, room objects and accents and window treatments.

A classic white paneling, juxtaposed with a woven wall covering in neutral hues, creates a solid foundation for the eclectic style of this interior. It also ensures a pleasing and pleasant room acoustic. A Scheherazade silk lamp is the centerpiece – shaped like an upside down pagoda and suspended right in the middle of the vaulted ceiling. It creates an enchanting and romantic atmosphere combining the vVenetian with the oOriental.

The unique appearance is reminscient of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s famous blue and white striped corner room, which is part of the glorious Château Charlottenhof, and is part of the royal gardens in Park Sanssouci. While the aesthetic resembles an interior of a tent, it also combines the architecture expertise with the client’s mastery of fabrics. Designed by CARLO and manufactured in collaboration with the client, the concept reflects a truly symbiotic synthesis and the companies’ professional skills.

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